Summer at East of Market: Three Community Tips to Keeping Cool

Three Ideas on How to “Chill Out” This Summer

Summer at East of Market May 2017 blog

East of Market residents have no shortage of activities during the summer months.  From nearby parks, interesting theaters and museums, and numerous shops and restaurants- there are many ways to enjoy the warm weather or keep cool in Frederick, Maryland!

Residents can also enjoy some great summertime activities at this community!  Below are three activities that are perfect for this summertime:

  1. Enjoy a movie night in the clubhouse: Not a fan of the heat?  Not a problem!  East of Market residents enjoy a Clubhouse full of amenities like a sports simulator studio and an indoor fitness center.  Residents also have a large lounge and television where they can enjoy to sit back, relax, and watch a movie (or four!).
  2. Relax by the pool: East of Market’s sparkling pool is a great amenity open only during the summer months.  A place to swim or just an area to enjoy some sun- the pool is the perfect destination only steps away from our apartments.
  3. Grill some delicious food for friends and family: Food-lovers can rejoice at the outdoor, covered, grill area at this community!  Head over with some friends and/ or family to enjoy a night of grilling.  Last year, the East of Market team even held a summer barbecue at the grill for every resident to enjoy.

What are your summer plans?  Let the team know by commenting below!

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Bike To Work Day is Coming! #BTWD2017

Bike To Work Day 2017 (3)Promote GreenLiving by Biking to Work

Bike to Work Day, an event that encourages people to commute to work by bicycle, will take place this year on Friday, May 19 across Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. This annual event is sponsored by Commuter Connections and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association.

What Are The Benefits of Bike to Work Day?:

A main reason for Bike to Work Day stems from the environmental benefits of biking. Cars, trucks, and motorized transportation create excess air pollutants that damage the ozone layer and can harm plant and animal life and waterways. Biking creates no pollutants and is an effective and reliable form of transportation.

In addition to the green benefits, biking is a healthier form of transportation.  Biking can improve posture, flexibility, muscle and bone strength, and has numerous other health and wellness benefits.

Bikes are also cheaper and often easier to maintain and repair than cars and other motorized vehicles.

How Can I Participate in Bike to Work Day?:

For those interested in biking on Friday, May 19, there are several online resources for participants:

– Register for the event here. Currently, registrants receive a free t-shirt.

– Find a local pit stop here. Participants who register before the event can stop by pit stops on the way to work for refreshments and opportunities to win prizes: including a raffle to win a bike.

– Join a bike convoy. Find out more about bike convoys online. Riding in a convoy is a great way to participate in this event with others and find a “bike buddy” for future rides.

-Follow the Frederick, Maryland Bike to Work Day event on social media.  The Transit Services of Frederick County is maintaining a Facebook event for Frederick participants.

How Does East of Market Promote Biking?

East of Market is a bike-friendly community; one of the many resident amenities at this community are bicycle garages for residents to store their bicycles.  East of Market is also close to numerous trails in Frederick perfect for bikers of all experience levels.

Learn more about the Bike to Work Day event on the official event website.

Learn more about East of Market, by visiting the website or Facebook page.