Three Ways to Enjoy Winter at Your Apartment Community

Seasonal Ideas for The 2018 Winter Season

three ways to enjoy winter at your apartment community eom 2018

Imagine a typical winter day: the air is dry and chilly.  The sun sets shortly after 5 pm.  It may be snowing, but the magic of the “first snow of the season” has worn off and the weather feels too cold to be enjoyable.  If this sounds familiar, it may be the time of the year that many people begin wondering: “when will it be the spring?”

Luckily, for apartment residents, apartment community teams offer snow removal services so residents can focus on having an enjoyable season.  Even better, many apartment communities also offer amenities specifically for residents that may be the perfect way to distract from long, winter days.

The East of Market community has a Clubhouse: a perfect location for residents to convene during the winter when reading another book or watching another episode of Netflix may seem a tad boring.  This season, the East of Market team encourages our residents to try out some of these ideas:

  1. Play board games: The Clubhouse lounge, complete with a latte lounge and caterer’s kitchen, is an ideal spot to host a board game night with friends and neighbors.  Complete with comfy chairs and several tables, set up a game of chess, a game of cards, or a round of Scrabble right in the lounge!
  2. Begin New Year Resolutions: Trying to become more active this year?  Work on New Year Resolutions from the comfort of the East of Market community: no need to travel in the winter weather to nearby gyms or run in the cold.  The East of Market clubhouse is home to our 24-hour high endurance Fitness Center.
  3. Work on a puzzle: Finally complete that puzzle received as a holiday present this winter season!  Set up the puzzle in the Clubhouse and see if your neighbors can assist in assembling the design.

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