East of Market Apartments: “Love at First Sight”

A Letter About The East of Market Community and Our Charging Stations and Electric Vehicles

The East of Market team received the following letter from one of our residents.  The letter focuses on our community amenities, including those for electric vehicles:

Shane standing next to his electric vehicle by an East of Market charging station.

“My name is Shane; I live at the fabulous, East of Market Apartments with my angel of a husband Tyler, and our little chorkie Jaxwel. We are previous residents of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. East of Market has been home for us now since September of 2015. When we were searching for a place to call home, a local family member advised we check out East of Market. Love at first sight, as we toured the community it was very evident that EOM was not just going to be a home but an elevated level of living. From the stunning vistas, fit and finish to the LEED level of efficiency. We do not have children, but our little Jaxwel seems to have taken on the role. EOM welcomes our furry family members with open arms! The grounds are set up for you to tend to, tidy up after, and even a private wash station. Not to mention the ideal location if your commute involves any of the major highways going through Frederick. As my husband and myself both have offices in Rockville, with all things considered this was not a difficult decision to make.

When we first came to East of Market we had noticed something we hadn’t seen up to this point anywhere else, an electric vehicle level 2 charging station. We did not currently have an electric vehicle however, but became intrigued. After some time in the area, getting familiar with traffic and HOV lanes we started to take into consideration that this may not be such as scary thing to make the transition to an electric vehicle. With the level 2 accessible station outside at East of Market and level 2 capabilities in particular private garages, the decision was becoming even easier. With level 2 bringing the vehicle to a full charge would only take a few hours. The decision was becoming easier and easier. Now a few years later we are on our second electric car and the benefits are fantastic. Whether it is never having to stop at the gas pump, the maintenance, well there isn’t really any to speak of, just being able to use the HOV carpool lane easily will cut 20 minutes off my commute, and knowing that the trees might stay a little greener along my travels really allows it to come together nicely.

There is still some development needed for the infrastructure to support long range travel for electric vehicles but as fast charges become more popular along the highways and major shopping centers bringing your car to full charge in as little as 10 minutes, the option is becoming more and more approachable for people. Should you make the jump know that East of Market is there to help power you through it!

Shane S., calling East of Market home since 2015″

Learn more about East of Market by visiting the website or Facebook page.

Our July Pet of the Month: Meet Buddy

Buddy The Wonder Dog is More than a Pet, he is a Valued Part of This Apartment Community

Every month, the East of Market team selects one four legged resident to be featured as our community’s Pet of the Month.

This July, our winner is Buddy!

Buddy was nominated by his owner because:

“…I saw Buddy and the rest is history. He is a terrific match for me. Sweet tempered, polite, loves  everybody (confirmed by those of you that have met him), and thinks you are there to visit HIM.

Thanks to East of Markets’s wonderful pet policy Buddy and I hope to make this our home for a long time.”

The East of Market team loves meeting and interacting with our four legged residents!  Email the team to submit your pet to be featured online as our next Pet of the Month!

East of Market is an apartment community located in Frederick, Maryland.  Learn more about East of Market by visiting the website or Facebook page.

In the Clubhouse: June 2018 Resident Events at East of Market

Discover What’s Happening in the Clubhouse this Month

The summer season is an exciting time in Frederick, Maryland!  With parks to explore, outdoor movie nights to attend, and seasonal events to enjoy, it is easy to spend entire days outside.  But some days, you may just want to spend time at home, or, at least, in the clubhouse.

East of Market is hosting several events in June in our community clubhouse for residents to enjoy on days they might want to stick close to home.  This month, residents are invited to:

Mary Kay Party: Join a Mary Kay party on Saturday, June 9.

Oscar’s Alehouse Visit: A few months ago, Oscar’s Alehouse became our next door neighbor.  This restaurant features a “burger of the week” in addition to live music and events.  On Friday, June 22, Oscar’s Alehouse will be hosting a resident event.

June Game Night: East of Market residents will gather for a game night every month!  The upcoming game night will take place in the clubhouse on Friday, June 29.

In addition to these events, residents can visit the clubhouse any time to enjoy amenities such as our community fitness center, business center, and lounge.

East of Market is an apartment community located in Frederick, Maryland.  Learn more about East of Market by visiting the website or Facebook page.

East of Market Resident Paint Night: March 2018

Thank you to the East of Market residents who made our community’s first Resident Paint Night a huge success.  Please reach out to the East of Market team if you would like to see more resident events like this one!

Below are several photos of the event:


East of Market is an apartment community located in Frederick, Maryland.  Learn more about East of Market by visiting the website or Facebook page.

East of Market’s Featured Pet of the Month

One Pet Every Month will be Featured on Facebook

East of Market is a pet friendly apartment community in Frederick, Maryland.  In an effort to highlight and recognize our four-legged residents, the East of Market team created the Featured Pet of the Month campaign!

To enter, pet owners should take a photo of their pet and email it to the East of Market team at EMarket.Leasing@gradymgt.com .  One pet will be randomly selected every month to be featured online.

East of Market offers several community amenities specifically for pet owners, such as an onsite pet park and pet grooming station.  East of Market is also convenient to several local parks, perfect locations to walk a pet!

Contact the East of Market team with any questions!

East of Market is an apartment community located in Frederick, Maryland.  Learn more about East of Market by visiting the website or Facebook page.