East of Market Offers New Amenity: 24 Hour Package Room

EOM Luxer One Package RoomResidents Can Retrieve Their Packages Any Time

The East of Market team is happy to announce that we are now offering a Luxer One package room for East of Market residents.  This package room can be accessed by residents 24 hours a day.

At East of Market, the community team strives to ensure our residents will always receive “more” of every amenity and service we can provide.  The package room will provide more convenience, as residents no longer need to visit the leasing office during office hours to retrieve packages.

The package room works like this:

• A touchscreen keypad is mounted outside the room, which is now controlled access.
• Each mail carrier has a unique access code to enter the room. Inside the room, each carrier will select the resident, apartment number and photograph each package. They will then place the package on the corresponding shelf based on building number.
• When a package has arrived for a resident, the resident will receive via text/email and a one-time access code to enter the package room. The resident will then locate your package on the corresponding shelf and exit the room.  Only residents who have received a package delivery code can enter.  This room will be under 24-hour surveillance.

The Luxer One package room is available in the community clubhouse.

Please let the East of Market team know if you have any questions or comments about the package room.

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